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How can you be more productive, more proactive and still spend more time doing what you love? Try LogMeIn Pro for full remote access to your computers.

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Forgot an important document? Transfer it. Can’t email a huge file? Share it. Need a hard copy from home? Print it to the nearest printer. Using Pro you’ll get more done, more easily so you can get away more often.

Free to be on the road

In today’s technological world, there’s no time for downtime. Everything runs 24/7/365. Consequently, you’re always on-call. So how do you run your small business or manage a big one, and still live your life? Simple, LogMeIn Pro. It makes the world your office, so you can do anything from anywhere.

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Free to be supportive

Pro is perfect for maintaining large numbers of computers and keeping systems up and running. Use background login to update software without disturbing end users, get system alerts to monitor system health or use remote control to solve issues on the fly. Want to do even more? Combine Pro with LogMeIn Central’s web-based console.

Meet blake

Blake Pack
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
August 10, 2010

This picture is about a mile hike upriver from the famous Multnomah Falls near Portland, Oregon. I do a lot of video conversion, file transfers and uploading on my main work computer from home. And now, on the trail.