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The all-new Central gives you all-new capabilities.

Create, schedule and rollout automated tasks for updating and maintaining computers from virtually anywhere with Central’s new One2Many feature. Quickly add or remove software on multiple machines. Simultaneously run scripts or remote commands across multiple computers. And remotely distribute everything you need to administer a computer – like files, updates and patches.

Kick back and let Central do the work.

More automated abilities built into Central means you can be more productive and, who knows, maybe even take a coffee break. Checkout all the features of LogMeIn Central.

Execute a remote command

Run a batch file or executable

Distribute files

Install or update software

Update registry settings


You’re a few clicks away from thousands of computers.

Take control of any number of servers and workstations. Central’s web-based console lets you control your IT universe from your location. Keep systems healthy and end-users productive while you save on unnecessary onsite visits.

All-new Central highlights:

  • New Automation – One2Many automates remote computer management and maintenance.
  • New User Management – Create user groupings and group level permissions.
  • New Subscription Management – Utilize subscription grouping and renewal date synchronization.
  • New Host Deployment Options – Create and modify reusable install methods Pro and Free.

Checkout all the features of LogMeIn Central.