One app to control all your information.

With one touch, you can directly control all of your computers from your iPad or iPhone. It’s anywhere, anytime access to everything on your PC or Mac – all your files, applications and desktops – right at your fingertips.

One app to manage your files.

You don’t have to be at your computer or even access your computer to work with your files on the go. Now you can grab files from your computer and save them directly to your iPad/iPhone to create your own file system. And you can use your iPad/iPhone to transfer files between computers. With everything you need in the palm of your hand, you’re free to go.

One app to expand your iPad’s possibilities.

Want to use your iPad as your primary device while on the road? Go for it. Ignition combines the ease of your iPad with the strength of your computers. One touch opens any file on your home or work computer. Then you can edit it with your computer applications. And save it down to your iPad so you can view and open files, even when you're away from Wi-Fi/3G.

One app to be more productive.

Be fast, be mobile, and get stuff done quickly and easily. You don’t have to figure out a workaround or have to change the way you normally work. You can get to everything on your computers, and you can view and share anything on or offline. With Ignition, you have the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, anytime.

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