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What's New

11.19.2012 Changes to Hamachi on November 19th

Hamachi is introducing some modifications on November 19th to make sure service is the best it can be.

Here's what's new:

  • To give you better access to a growing portion of the Internet, Hamachi is moving to a new IP range. Connections between computers might drop for a few seconds during the switch, but most of you won't even notice.

  • Currently Hamachi can stay open in the background so you're always connected to unattended computers. We're moving this feature to only paid subscriptions to help fund future improvements. Please note that for casual, personal use, Hamachi will still be free. But if you run Hamachi as a service, you can choose from our subscription packages, starting at just $29/year.

Enhance your Hamachi experience with more features and more computers. Upgrade to a subscription package before November 19th and save $10.

The Hamachi Team

7.31.12 Hamachi and the 5.x.x.x Address Range
Some Hamachi users may be experiencing an issue involving conflicts with our 5.x.x.x. IP range. We apologize for the difficulties this presents and hope to have this resolved soon.

In the meantime, those effected who wish to access a 5.x.x.x site can enable IPv6 in their Hamachi settings by going to System > Preferences >Settings> Advanced Settings (current Operating System versions only; those using Windows XP can learn more at

Note: Some Software programs may not support IPv6 addressing and may require configuring a Gateway Network.

07.03.2012 Updating Old Clients & Dynamic IP Assignment

Please note the following Hamachi changes:

1. As a result of upcoming enhancements to the Hamachi service, those using old clients must update to continue connecting to Hamachi servers. Those who do not update their client to the supported versions by July 30th, 2012 will be unable to connect. Please visit the LogMeIn Download Page to update if you are using versions prior to:

  • Windows-
  • OSX-
  • Linux-
  • Linux-ARM-

2. LogMeIn Hamachi has introduced Dynamic IP Address Assignment. This update will auto-assign new IPs to clients which have been continuously offline for more than one month.

01.31.2012 New, flexible pricing. (Updated)

Introducing new, flexible pricing for users looking to grow the size of their networks with a more affordable plan.

Hamachi users will now benefit as a result of new client-based, tiered pricing:

Subscription Computers/Networks Price

Free up to 5/network Free
Standard 6-32/network $29.00/yr
Premium 33-256/network $119.00/yr
Multi-network up to 256/unlimited networks $199.00/yr

Existing Hamachi networks will remain active. Networks exceeding the per-network limit will have individual computers disabled, though users will have the ability to reinstate them up to their new subscription limit.

To take advantage of one of the new subscriptions above or to adjust your current subscriptions, simply go to your My Networks page on (For those managing their network from their desktop, first connect the client to a web account by selecting ,Attach to LogMeIn account from the System menu, and then proceed to your My Networks page).

08.09.2011 Announcing the launch of

LogMeIn Hamachi has a new home at A secure hosted VPN service to extend LAN-like network connectivity, Hamachi is quick, easy to use and can be downloaded for free at Here you can also log in to your account, learn about product updates as well as centralize and manage your networks with Hamachi.

Along with the launch of, Hamachi has new updates available for Windows, Macs and Linux (beta) that include support for IPv6. The IPv6 protocol means that there are now a virtually limitless number of IP addresses that can be used with Hamachi VPNs. New and existing Hamachi VPNs will continue to leverage IPv4 addresses and fully support IPv6. The transition to IPv6 will be seamless for existing Hamachi users.