Central makes your business smarter.

Manage multiple computers from one location – yours.

Stay in control and on top of your business. Central brings your computers together for one easy and timesaving way to automate, monitor and manage, so you can do more in less time, stay out of the hot seat and be more productive every day.

For Outsourced IT Professionals

Stop juggling and start automating.

Managing multiple customers can be a challenge, especially when it seems like you’re doing more juggling than focusing on growing your business. Let Central help you take control. As an IT command center, Central lets you automate the routine tasks, work proactively and do more faster, all while keeping existing customers happy.
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For Internal IT Professionals

Get out of the hot seat
and stay in control.

Putting out fires all day long to keep users up and running is progressively challenging as employees rely on more computers and devices in the workplace. To get ahead of the game and out of the hot seat, proactively monitor and manage computers from one centralized command center.
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For Small Business Owners

Wear your IT hat a little less often.

Let’s face it. IT is just one of the many hats you wear in your business. While Central can turn an IT professional into a rock star, it can also help you focus on your business by allowing you to take control of your technology. When you can manage your technology, you don’t have to allow it to manage you.
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For Digital Signage and
Kiosk Managers

Keep your signs, and livelihood, up and running.

Who says you have to physically be at your sign or kiosk to manage it? Monitor and manage your digital signage and kiosks remotely to deal with issues before they become problems that threaten your revenue.
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Central’s Powerful Features

LogMeIn Central is a web-based console that’s packed with features designed to save you time by managing and monitoring computers remotely.

Alerts and Monitoring

Improve insight into system health and status.

Receive alerts and proactively monitor CPU usage, memory utilization, online/offline status or hardware/software changes to address potential issues and prevent service interruption.


Automate management and maintenance tasks on or off the network.

With One2Many you can install software, distribute files, and run scripts and remote commands across multiple computers simultaneously.

Windows Updates

Keep Windows up-to-date and secure.

Automatically update your systems at the same time, decide which updates on which systems are most important and schedule them when you want.


Report on account, device and session usage.

Customize reports across all of your computers and Internet-connected devices.

User Management

Manage user access and permissions.

Extend the right services, individual features and personal access rights to the people who need them.
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Key LogMeIn Central Features.
Rollover for details.
Remote Access Deploy and utilize LogMeIn to provide users with remote access to individual computers.
Web-based User Interface Centralize LogMeIn administration and management from a single console (Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
Deployment Easily deploy LogMeIn hosts and Hamachi to computers on or off-LAN via the web.
All new:
  • Easy-to-use deployment methods – create/modify installs (.MSI, .EXE or batch files)
  • Set distribution alerts – warn and prevent issues during host deployment
User Management Manage user access and permissions by securely extending the right services, individual features and personal access rights to the people who need them.
All new:
  • Create user groups - assign permissions to groups of users
  • Set permission lists – use and set permissions across groups
Host Configuration Configure host software using specific configurations that meet your organization's needs and compliance policies, including access settings, network restrictions and other compliance options.
Computer Search Quickly search to find subsets of computers managed by LogMeIn.
Online/Offline Status View, track and report online/offline status of remote computers.
Reporting Report on account, device and session data across all of your computers and internet-connected devices.
256-bit SSL Encryption Securely access and manage your services over the web with AES 256-bit encryption, the same security trusted by online banks.
Audit Logging Track changes and activity within your account with an in-depth audit log across your entire account.
Automatic Login Avoid the hassle of re-entering computer passwords by using locally stored and encrypted passwords to quickly and automatically log into remote computers.
Computer Grouping Create logical groups of computers - by location, client or business unit, and use search to find subsets of computers.
Advanced Reporting and Analysis Built-in reports help you track your efforts and demonstrate your value. Use graphical charting and reporting to ensure your remote management services are effective and meeting your needs - all from within a browser.  
Windows Updates Keep systems up-to-date and secure by automatically updating all of your Windows systems at the same time. Decide which updates on which systems are most important and schedule them when you want.  
One2Many Create, schedule and rollout automated tasks for updating and maintaining computers.
All new:
  • Execute remote commands
  • Distribute files
  • Install software
  • Update registry settings
  • Run batch files & scripts
Background Login Combined with LogMeIn Pro, use background access to remote computers to access system resources, perform maintenance and check computer health. Reduce onsite visits and eliminate end-user involvement.  
Alerts and Monitoring Improve your insight into system health and status to proactively address potential issues and prevent service interruption. Understand immediately where attention is needed and why. Create alerts and monitor events based on specific criteria you define. Receive notifications by email, or view alerts within the browser for computers you manage.  
Computer Inventory Track IT assets by gathering hardware and software inventory information from remote computers. Gain actionable insight so you can better schedule maintenance and bring systems into compliance.  

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