Looking for LogMeIn IT Reach?

With the release of LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn's next generation solutions for remote access and systems management, LogMeIn IT Reach is no longer available to new customers. We will continue to support existing IT Reach customers and assist them with their transition over time to the new products.

Existing Customers: Have questions? Find your answers in the Support Knowledge Base or contact your account manager.

So, what's different?

LogMeIn host software: We previously offered two premium products, LogMeIn IT Reach for remote computer management and LogMeIn Pro for remote access. The premium remote access capabilities of these two products have been combined into a single product, now called LogMeIn Pro.

With LogMeIn Pro installed on the remote computer, you can transfer files, print remote files to a local printer, share your desktop with another person, and hear sounds from the remote computer. In addition, Pro now includes Wake-on-LAN to switch on a sleeping computer remotely.


Computer management capabilities: To help users better manage multiple computers quickly and easily, we have moved many of the computer management capabilities formerly in LogMeIn IT Reach to the new LogMeIn Central.

LogMeIn Central is a unified, cloud-based service delivery console that helps users access, manage and network devices at the edge of the network. It includes alerting and monitoring, computer inventory, LogMeIn Pro software deployment, dynamic reports, user management and administration and host configuration, which were formerly part of IT Reach.

LogMeIn Central's new features include:

  • Automatic login for your LogMeIn Pro and Free computers, so you don't have to remember multiple passwords
  • Ability to deploy the LogMeIn Free software to remote computers
  • HTML reporting and graphical charting, including chart dashboards, that help you understand at a glance the status and state of the computers you manage
  • New alert dashboard, including visual alert charts
  • Account audit logging so you can track the changes to your account
  • Personalization of the user experience, including customized searches, saved links to favorite resources, and customized charting and graphing
  • Integrated virtual networking capabilities, enabling you to create and manage cloud-based networks that connect your computers and other devices together