Manage multiple computers from one location — yours.

Stay in control with powerful remote access

If you need to access and manage multiple computers and want to ensure that your connections are secure, you need LogMeIn Central. Simply connect to and manage computers through any internet connection—where, when and how you want.

Anywhere Access

For over 10 years, LogMeIn has provided a fast, easy remote access experience to keep you in control from anywhere, on any device.

Business Productivity

LogMeIn's state-of-the-art remote productivity capabilities empower remote workers and allow IT to perform tasks without interrupting end-users.

Automated Management

LogMeIn delivers a simple way to automate, monitor and manage all of your business critical IT tasks to stay in control and take action when necessary.

Central Basic

Fast, secure remote access

Includes a web-based console with one-click access to any machine, access from both desktop and mobile apps, ability to organize groups of computers, manage users and more.

Central Plus

Bring business productivity to the next level

Includes all of Central Basic and adds capabilities to empower remote workers with file manager, remote print, and multi-monitor support. In addition, Background Access allows you to remotely support users without interrupting their day-to-day work.

Central Premier

Take control and automate critical IT tasks

Includes all of Central Plus and adds automated task management, Windows updates, advanced alerts and monitoring, reporting, Anti-virus Management and Premium Customer Support. Also includes Ad Hoc Support allowing one-time deployments to manage machines outside your day-to-day list and resolve user issues quickly.

Find the perfect plan

The LogMeIn Central product line is designed to deliver our signature remote access to fit the specific needs of your business. From simply accessing and organizing large groups of computers, to empowering remote workers, to performing business critical automation, there is a version of Central to fit your needs.

Basic Plus Premier
Starting at$499per year Starting at$999per year Starting at$1299per year
Remote Access Ability to remotely control a computer from a different location using an internet connection.
User Management Extend the right services, features and personal access so users only see the computers they have access to.
Computer Grouping Arrange your users into groups to make it easier to control permissions and computer access.
Deployment Deploy LogMeIn hosts and setup installation packages on every machine in your IT environment
Computer Search Simply find specific computers from your web-console to filter and sort within your account.
Online/Offline Status See all of your subscriptions in one view to manage machine status.
Reporting Use Reports to see account activity and usage, customize reports to suit your needs.
256-bit SSL Encryption Once a connection is established, all traffic is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption.
Desktop Application Quickly connect to a remote computer without a web browser. Securely and automatically log in using locally stored and encrypted passwords.
Mobile Application Control your computers on the go on iOS and Android.
Custom Fields Label computers for faster searching.
Network Configuration Management Create and manage virtual networks as you need them, provide user access from a centralized gateway or to specific computers, connect all of your network clients to each other.
Multi-Monitor Support Multi-Monitor Support allows you to toggle between remote monitors when connected to a host with two monitors.
Mass Delete Use the Mass Delete function to quickly and easily free up unused hosts.
Ad Hoc Support Quickly connect through one-time deployments to manage machines outside your day-to-day list and resolve user issues quickly. Feature includes File transfer, Background Access, and Reboot.
File Transfer Easily and securely transfer files between a local and remote computer, synchronize two folders or replicate a remote folder on your local computer with one click.
Background Access Access computers and perform maintenance to employee computers without interruption with the background access feature
HD Remote Access High-definition (HD) quality provides a seamless premium remote access experience.
Remote Print Use remote control to print files located on a remote computer to a local printer.
Multi-Monitor Display Multi-Monitor display allows a seamless support experience when connected to a host with multiple monitors.
Remote Sound Use the Remote Sound feature to listen to sounds played on the host computer while you are at the client. Mute sounds, adjust volume, and change sound quality.
Host Preference Packages Use Host Preference Packages to define and deploy LogMeIn host preferences and security settings to any group of Windows hosts in an account.
One2Many (Automated Task Management) Install software, distribute files, and run scripts and remote commands across multiple computers simultaneously
Alerts and Monitoring Receive critical system alerts in real-time and address potential issues before they occur
Anti-virus Management Easily manage and monitor anti-virus software, view a threat log of viruses found, check virus definitions, initiate full scans and enable real-time
Windows Updates Automatically update your systems at the same time, decide which updates on which systems are most important and schedule them when you want.
Ticketing Integration LogMeIn Central Alerts connect with ticketing systems to generate tickets automatically when alerts are triggered.
Computer Inventory Track technology assets by gathering hardware and software inventory information from remote computers
Advanced Reports and Analysis Use Advanced Reports and Analysis to work with a range of data to analyze account activity and customize reports to suit your needs. See detailed graphic reports of CPU usage, memory, hardware/software analytics, and more.
Self-Healing Alerts Triggered automatically to run automated tasks and fix problems so you don’t have to.
Mobile Access to Alerts Receive critical system alerts on your mobile device and address potential issues in real-time.
Premium Customer Support Premium Customer Support allows you to quickly identify and resolve issues.
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"We found LogMeIn Central as the best cloud-based connectivity solution for our business."

Andy Manson

BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)

"LogMeIn Central allows us to push scripts, and commands out to the masses to help us stop the issues before they become problems."

Ron Harris

Omega Computer Services

"The reason we’ve been so committed to LogMeIn is that they have always been focused on the connectivity to devices."

Michael Chen

CSP Networks