The key to competitive advantage.

The emergence of the BYOD and BYOA trends is changing business reality. Employee-introduced devices and apps are creating more security risks in the workplace, which means traditional IT services are no longer enough to satisfy clients. To compete and thrive in today's environment, you need to support devices, manage apps and ignite end-user productivity. That's why LogMeIn is launching our new channel program, Elevate, with the resources you need to evolve your business in this app-centric world.

What end-users want and clients need.

Elevate is the first channel program designed to help you empower your clients to be more productive through improved support and app management. By embracing these three core ideas, you can minimize costs, reduce risks and boost your competitive advantage.


As end-users introduce more devices and apps into the workplace, you need to provide optimal support for your clients. As part of the Elevate program, LogMeIn Rescue helps you:

  • Deliver fast support to remote PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets
  • Improve efficiency with integrated solutions
  • Capture more billable hours while reducing costs


Clients want to improve their employee productivity, and Elevate helps. With enterprise-ready collaboration apps like and Cubby, you can:

  • Create margin opportunities by offering corporate-compliant cloud apps
  • Enable end-user productivity and ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Empower core business efficiency and justify client investment


Without the proper management, more apps means greater risks for your clients. So Elevate offers AppGuru to help expand your business offerings and client acquisition. You can:

  • Centrally manage and authenticate cloud apps
  • Enforce policies to control app curation, deployment and usage
  • Implement controls and configurations at user levels or across an organization

Everything you need to evolve.

Our award-winning program offers all the resources you need to help your business succeed in the changing market. Along with solutions that improve efficiency for both you and your client, Elevate arms you with the information you need to successfully market yourself to prospective clients.

EducationBest practice training that will teach you about new revenue opportunities and how to get the most out of Elevate.
Product trainingLearn how best to leverage the products and increase effectiveness with product information, additional training and instructional videos.
Technical supportReduce resolution time with a dedicated partner line that brings you straight to LogMeIn Level 2 technicians.
Channel partner discountsSpecial pricing that offers significant discounts and a monthly payment schedule for a quick return on your investment.
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