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LogMeIn has teamed with Stamen Design to visually display the large number of connections our infrastructure delivers every second, around the clock.

A few important things to note:
  • The animations display connections as they happen. When a computer is accessed via LogMeIn, it is likely to show up on the screen in a few seconds.
  • Yes, there are millions and millions of people using LogMeIn, and they do produce a lot of traffic.
  • The approximate location of a computer being accessed and the computer it is accessed from are indicated on the display.
  • Only a subset of LogMeIn's products are visualization-enabled.
  • To preserve your privacy, no potentially identifying information (such as an IP address) is ever sent to the visualization clients. The applications produce their display based on approximate geographic information. Furthermore, a certain percentage of the visualization information is discarded on our servers and thus is not present in the data feed. The lower the frequency of LogMeIn connections in a geographic area, the higher the chance that a connection originating or terminating in that location will not be displayed.
Millions of people around the world use LogMeIn.   

Interactive map of connections
  Connection endpoints

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