Access and manage all of your computers from one location. Yours.

LogMeIn Central is a web-based console that saves you time managing remote computers. Access all your computers, deploy LogMeIn hosts and perform routine maintenance. For more control and the power to take action when necessary, upgrade your remote computers to pro hosts. Buy pro hosts now


Deploy LogMeIn host software over the web.

Quickly and easily deploy LogMeIn hosts to remote computers. Learn More

User Management

Manage user access
and permissions.

Extend the right services, individual
features and personal access rights to
the people who need them.
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Windows Updates

Keep Windows
up-to-date and secure.

Available with pro hosts Automatically update your systems at the
same time, decide which updates on which
systems are most important and
schedule them when you want.
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Anti-Virus Management

Keep your computers healthy and up-to-date.

Available with pro hosts Easily manage and monitor anti-virus software, view a threat log of viruses found, check virus definitions, initiate full scans and enable
real-time protection
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Automate management and maintenance tasks on or off the network.

Available with pro hosts With One2Many you can install software,
distribute files, and run scripts and remote
commands across multiple computers
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Alerts and Monitoring

Improve insight into system health and status.

Available with pro hosts Receive alerts and proactively monitor CPU
usage, memory utilization, online/offline
status or hardware/software changes to
address potential issues and prevent service interruption.
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Report on account, device and session usage.

Customize reports across all of your
computers and Internet-connected devices.
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Host Configuration

Stay in control of host software.

Configure host software using custom configurations, including access settings, network restrictions and other compliance options. Learn More

VPN Connectivity

Manage access to computers and resources.

Provide and manage access to specific computers, network resources, entire private networks, printers, digital kiosks and more by creating hub-and-spoke, gateway and mesh networking. Learn More

Computer Inventory

Keep track of your IT assets.

Available with pro hosts Track IT assets by gathering hardware and software inventory information from remote computers. Learn More

Mobile Access

Get to your computers from your mobile device.

Control your computers on the go with LogMeIn for iOS and Android. Includes remote application access and file management. Free to download. Learn more about LogMeIn for iOS
Learn more about LogMeIn for Android

Desktop App

One click, and you're connected.

Quickly connect to a remote computer without a web browser. Securely and automatically log in using locally stored and encrypted passwords. Learn More
Download for Windows or Mac
As an added benefit, phone support is available for Central users 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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