A secure solution to remotely
backing up data over the web.

Protect information on your computers with secure, remote backup to storage devices you control. Avoid relying on
third-party storage devices or external storage services, and use one remote backup solution for all of your
computers, regardless of their location.

Remote Backup

Backup your devices wherever you are.

Backups can take place across oceans,
across town, or from one part of the office
to another.

Remote Deployment

Reduce onsite
visits with remote

Quickly and easily provision new computers
to be backed up without having to go onsite.
Simply send end users a link to download
and install the client on the device you want
to backup.

Storage Devices Control

Stay in control of
your files and data.

Maintain complete control over where
files and data are stored and protected
by backing up data directly to PCs or
servers that you own or manage.

Scheduled Backup

Define and run backup sets automatically.

Once you schedule backups that fit your needs, your data is automatically protected on a regular basis without any further action on your part.

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